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Computer Assisted Learning & Video Courses

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  • Address: Not Available

    CAL Programs. Web based CAL programs include: Tooth Wear, Endodontics, Impressions, Overdentures, Soft Tissue Lesions, Prosthetics MCQs. Toolbook CAL includes, Oral Med Assessment, Minor Oral Surgery, Paediatric dentistry, Radiography - Bitewings and Periapicals, Special Needs, Partial Denture Design, George - A Prosthetics Consultation, The Neutral Zone, Overdentures, Precision Attachments.

  • Address: Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol, 8-10 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HH, UK

    This tutorial highlights the principles of Every denture design and how these principles differ from conventional principles of partial denture design.

  • Address: Dentalk Seminars, 4 Argyll Road, London, W8 7DB, UK.
    Tel: 07957 498 908

    Dentalk Seminars, Victoria, Australia.

  • Address: Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, EDINBURGH, EH12 5HD
    Tel: 0131 313 8000

    An extensive set of packages including section 63 funded packages.

  • Address: Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UY
    Tel: 01603 286286

    Internet Course for Dental Practioners (at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital)

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