How painful is getting a dental implant?

April 9, 2020 News, Dental Implants, News

Just imagine how it feels to lose a front tooth and then be asked to smile for the camera. In fact, the mere thought of a tooth cavity can be uncomfortable.

Despite these feelings, some of us may still delay a visit to the dentist just because someone told us that dental implants can be very painful. In fact, the idea of drilling through the jawbone does not help alleviate the anxiety either.

In reality, a dental implant is among the least painful procedure that is done using a local anaesthetic. Most people who have undergone the procedure will tell you that dental implant surgery is more of a discomfort than describe the procedure in terms of a “pain threshold”. This is precisely why most people describe it as someone applying pressure to adjust the jaw muscle instead of feeling the pain.

Before explaining why it’s not painful, let’s see why some people are very reluctant to undergo dental implant surgery. Among the most prevalent reasons for avoiding a dental implant is the past history and experience of the patient. A majority of these patients have a history of severe toothache, infected gums, and unhealthy tissues, which may have caused problems in the past. Under the circumstances, it’s a natural human tendency to feel uncomfortable.

Another reason is numerous uncomfortable terms associated with a dental implant. Regarding a dental surgery, most of us think that surgery is only done on an operation table by putting a patient to deep sleep. Similarly, terms such as drilling evoke the memory of a drill machine. Adding to the discomfort is the image of multiple injections used to numb the area for a dental implant.

In reality, a dental implant is perhaps the most painless procedure that you may undergo in a clinical environment. Unlike a typical surgery, the medical terms used to describe the procedure is nothing like a major operation. It’s a minor medical procedure where the patient can be aware of the environment. Secondly, the drilling is done using very small equipment used on a jawbone. The patient only feels a slight pressure that is very bearable. As for multiple injections, you only feel a tingling sharp sensation that is nothing like an injection.

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With this in mind, there is no need to feel uncomfortable because a dental implant surgery is milder than extracting a tooth. In addition, your dentist will regularly consult you regarding your comfort level at regular intervals. During the procedure, you will be fully awake and aware of what is happening around you. Don’t think of a dental implant as a major surgical operation because it’s milder than the stories circulating in the family.

Just remember that everyone has a different threshold of handling pain; therefore, it’s often difficult to describe any medical procedure in terms of numerical value. According to WebMD, a person that has an unhealthy and damaged tissue may feel and experience pain differently than another person who may not experience anything at all.

Under these circumstances, it’s always better to consult an expert dentist who can describe the procedure for dental implants and answer questions regarding the comfort level. Dental Artistry is a very reputable cosmetic dentistry and oral health care provider serving Auckland and New Plymouth regions.