DIY dentistry do not attempt

February 18, 2009 News, Lifestyle, News

Have you ever been tempted to save on dentistry bills by fixing your own dental problems? Pulling a tooth out with a pair of pliers might sound a bit drastic, but according to a survey by the National Consumer Association, Which, 1 in 4 people have attempted to do just that.

The survey of 2,631 adults about access to NHS dental treatment, also found that 1 in 10 have attempted to extract a tooth by using a piece of string attached to a door handle. Other methods of DIY dental treatment include using household glue or chewing gum to fix a crown or filling, and attempting to use domestic cleaning agents to whiten teeth.

It is not completely clear what the main driving force is for people to resort to such measures. Reasons may be concerns about the financial expense of dental care, dental phobias or difficulties in getting access to NHS dental care.

Dental health advisors have warned of the unnecessary dangers of such DIY dentistry, such as infection, poisoning or painful complications – which might far outweigh the £16 fee for a proper dental check up.