Florida Probe

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

Florida Probe

Clark Dental is proud to provide the Florida Probe System, the complete computerised probing station that eliminates the need for additional staff to record readings when performing periodontal assessments, thereby increasing productivity.

Other features of the Florida Probe include:

Improved accuracy: the system’s constant force, computerised probe allows consistent, precision measurements between different examiners

Automatic Charting: highly accurate numerical data is automatically recorded as well as audibly announced for the benefit of staff and patient

Customisable exam: the exam can be customised to record a comprehensive list of information including medical history and diagnosis, and the periodontal chart can be used to create a ‘treatment map’

Legal Protection: protects the practice medically-legally with evidence based data collection

The all-inclusive Florida Probe System not only records all the statistics it also enables the professional to print off a copy of the patient’s chart or save as a pdf for email for the patient to view.