Indirect Restorative Procedures using Hi-Di® Diamond Burs

June 26, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

Mrs. Hi-Di®is well-respected – with her years of experience, she is a key asset to the team.  Her multiple layers of diamond grit mean that she is reliable & durable and always runs true.  She ensures most clinical situations are met with her various patterns and she’s always kind to your handpieces.  Why buy other brands, when Mrs Hi-Di can offer you assurance with high quality – Diamonds are a Bur’s best friend!

DENTSPLY’s Indirect Restorative Team understand that crown & bridge restorations are amongst  the most demanding procedures carried out by a dentist, with high expectations from their patients.  DENTSPLY’s quality, branded products, such as Hi-Di Diamond Burs, fit each step of this procedure, making it quicker and easier to ensure an accurate, long lasting restoration and help you to “get it right first time”.

Preparation with Mrs. Hi-Di® Diamond Burs
“Diamonds are a Bur’s Best Friend – Make Mrs.Hi-Di yours!”

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