New Additions to the Continu Alcohol Free Anti Microbial Disinfectant Range

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

New Additions to the Continu Alcohol Free Anti Microbial Disinfectant Range

Following the ongoing success of its Continu alcohol free anti-microbial disinfection range, which delivers fast, effective, safe, long lasting, user friendly infection control, Nuview has responded to customer requests and HTM 01-05 to launch a number of unique new products for the dental market.

The Continu combined Surface Cleaner and Anti Microbial Disinfectant offers a 2-in-1 solution that removes dirt or grease while simultaneously disinfecting the treated area to ensure surfaces are both clean and decontaminated. This unique solution saves time by reducing surface cleaning and disinfection into a single process and avoids the cost of buying two separate products. The new 2 in 1 formulation is available either as a trigger spray or wipes.

Nuview’s new Anti Microbial Dental Impression Mix also saves time by disinfecting impressions at source using Continu to mix the alginate, rather than water, inhibiting fungal growth for weeks without any shrinkage or distortion. Each bottle comes with sticky labels to comply with HTM 01-05.

Nuview now also provides wall mounts for its popular alcohol free hand sanitising foam and soap range which are kind to skin whilst achieving outstanding disinfection. These products are now also available in touch free dispensers.

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