NEW Kodak 1500 Intra Oral Camera

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

NEW Kodak 1500 Intra Oral Camera

The leader in innovative digital imaging solutions, PracticeWorks is proud to launch K1500 Intraoral Camera, featuring Wi-Fi and liquid lens technology to deliver dental professionals flexibility and ease of use.

The Kodak 1500 features include:

  • Image Quality – True Auto Focus of still images and videos, elimination of light reflection, automatic light adjustment for optimal image quality
  • Liquid Lens – Instantaneous and automatic image capture of full arch, intraoral and macro views for optimal illumination enabling improved views of cracks and lesions
  • Wireless Technology – Wi-Fi Technology enables reliable wireless performance and integration both with and without a computer for freedom of movement
  • Docking and Charging – Easy installation for use anywhere in practice, automatic sleep mode and extra battery ensure camera is ready for use
  • Image Storage – Still and video images stored and managed using KODAK dental imaging software, images can be stored on memory card enabling printing
  • Ergonomics – Compact, lightweight design is easy to hold and manoeuvre inside the mouth

PracticeWorks Kodak 1500 Intraoral Camera delivers advanced image resolution for pre treatment examples enabling improved efficiency and patient communication. The superior features delivered by the Kodak 1500 Intraoral Camera are also available in a ‘wired’ version, including all benefits except for Wi-Fi technology.

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