Take No Risks When It Comes To Tax Investigations

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

Take No Risks When It Comes To Tax Investigations

As the economy reels, keeping hold of what you already have is challenge enough. However, if you are one of those dentists without Tax Investigation Cost Protection, you could be risking a huge slice of your savings.

HM Revenue & Customs does not just single out those people whose self-assessment tax returns contain obvious errors. They may also raise a query if there is a big difference between entries on subsequent returns, and even select cases at random.

Professional Fee Protection Ltd (PFP) provides dentists with a solution. With a range of Tax Investigation Cost Protection policies, for Aspect Enquiries into one or more areas of the self-assessment tax return, or Full Enquiries, PFP gives you insurance of up to £75,000 towards accountant or investigation specialist fees. This is extremely valuable, when you consider that specialists are likely to charge at least £150 an hour for their services, investigations can last for years at a time, and the average cost of an enquiry is £3000.

Contact PFP today and find out how its range of policies can help you. The team will also be able to provide comprehensive Human Resources guidance with the HR Plus service.

For more information call Professional Fee Protection on 0845 307 1177 or email info@pfp.uk.com