Beware of “Prosecco Smile”: Dentists Warn of the Popular Tipple

August 30, 2017 News, General Dentistry, News

Prosecco is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks right now, so popular in fact that dentists are warning of the damaging effect it could have on your teeth.

Because it is a cheaper alternative to champagne, it has proved very popular at barbeques and pretty much any other social gathering, but dentists have warned that drinking too much could damage your teeth. They even have a name for the effect: Prosecco Smile.

What is a prosecco smile? It starts off as a white line just below the gum, a little soft to the touch, but that is the first sign of tooth decay, which can lead to the need for fillings and other dental work.

Why is this unique to Prosecco? According to Professor Damien Walmsley, the British Dental Association’s scientific advisor, Prosecco is a “triple whammy” for your teeth of carbonation (and the acidity that causes the fizz), sugary sweetness and alcohol, all of which is damaging for your teeth. Prosecco as well is a drink that is often had separate from a meal, meaning that it is very easy to have a few glasses without even noticing.

What can be done? Like everything the key is moderation, the main cause of “prosecco smile” is having too much. The other thing to be careful of is when you brush your teeth. Immediately after drinking prosecco the acids make your tooth enamel weaker than normal, so wait a few hours before brushing.