A Guide to Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular in the UK. As more and more people look for affordable opportunities to improve the quality of their smile, there are more products available, new brands appearing and more dentists with the technology to deliver different treatments and solutions.

Enlighten is a technological leader in professional teeth whitening. A US-based research laboratory, they pride themselves on their ability to produce cutting-edge products that really make a visible difference to your smile and your self-confidence.

One of the major challenges for manufacturers of tooth whitening kits was to create effective products without using substances that were harsh enough to damage teeth and cause the patient unnecessary pain. In the 18th Century, when barber shops also often performed the role of community dentist, teeth were whitened using acid. It did the job, but unfortunately also corroded the tooth enamel and led to severe tooth decay in the future.

Since then (thankfully), the science of tooth whitening has evolved in an advanced practice. At the leading edge of this practice is Enlighten, who have developed a comprehensive suite of tooth whitening products that perform consistently well against the competition. The Enlighten range includes kits for both home use as well as in-chair kits to be applied by a dentist, with varying strengths and modes of application.

The key to the success of Enlighten is that it works safely and painlessly, yet at the same time it also provides predicable results. The main brand in the Enlighten stable is called Evolution. Depending on how your teeth are at the beginning of the process, Enlighten Evolution can whiten your teeth by up to ten shades. In fact, Enlighten claim that Evolution is the only product to guarantee that any patient will whiten to at least B1.

Guaranteeing a certain standard of whiteness from a tooth whitening product is very difficult. This is because every patient is an individual case. We all have slightly different teeth – some can be more porous for example – and we all have slightly different lifestyles and diets. It all impacts on how much our teeth stain and lose their natural shine. However, Enlighten products claim to work effectively in virtually every case.

The Evolution brand is also adaptable enough to meet different patient requirements. You should talk to your dentist about which approach might be right for your teeth. You could choose an Evolution Kit which involves primarily home whitening. This normally takes around four weeks and there are different strength kits available, depending on how stained your teeth are.

Alternatively, Evolution also offers a kit which is partly home whitening and partly in-practice whitening. Under dental supervision, the final part of the whitening process is done at a much stronger strength, so that you see results faster. Finally, you can have the Evolution treatment in just one dental appointment – so you will see the difference in your teeth in just 60 minutes!

In each type of kit, the same technology and products are used – only the strengths vary. The Evolution process is also broadly the same, whether you use a home kit or add in a dental appointment. Teeth are whitened using the special ‘Evo gel’ which is added to trays Each kit also includes Enlighten’s own desensitiser, which helps your teeth acclimatise to the whitening products.

Sensitivity can be a side-effect of tooth whitening. However, at no point does the Evolution system damage the enamel of your teeth or harm your gums in any way, shape or form.

The Enlighten Evolution system is proven to be effective at whitening teeth. On average, your teeth will normally maintain their whiteness for around three years before you need a top-up treatment. Once you have had your teeth whitened, it is important that you continue to look after them properly if you want to maintain the best results. Changing your diet can help to protect the whiteness of your teeth, especially if you drink a lot of coffee or red wine for example.

In a crowded market, Evolution is a product that really stands out. Comfortable, patient-friendly and affordable, it can make a significant difference to the quality of your smile.