Bossklein wipes and foam for infection control

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

Bossklein wipes and foam for infection control

Single-use disinfecting products are both effective and gentle on your equipment. The new Bossklein’s wipes and foam prevent the degrading of dental loupes, protect from pathogens, without causing dryness.

The Bossklein range is kind to sensitive surfaces,  free from chlorine, phenol and quaternary ammonium compounds, while remaining completely effective against those infections encountered in your day-to-day practice.

Bossklein Wet Wipes have been  proven to combat non-enveloped Adenovirus and enveloped viruses including Hepatitis B, C and HIV, with a 60-second bactericidal effect, as well as being biodegradable and kind to the environment.

Bossklein Foam is a ready to use solution. Proven against Hepatitis B and HIV in under 5 minutes (HBsAg antigen test), fungi and bacteria in 10 minutes, and also combats c-difficile NCTC 11204, bacillus, listeria and streptococcus, it comes in a biodegradable dispenser.

With the freshly scented Wet Wipes packaged in sealed tubs of 100 and the Foam in dispensers of 50 ml, Bossklein products, exclusively distributed by Blackwell Supplies, ensure that dentists can depend on quick, reliable, non-damaging disinfection aids being to hand when they need them.

For more information please call John Jesshop of Blackwell Supplies on
 020 7224 1457, or fax 020 7224 1694, or email [email protected]