Can You Benefit from Incorporation?

October 1, 2009 News, General Dentistry, News

Can You Benefit from Incorporation?

The move from Sole Trader/Partnership to a Limited Company can be an exciting, if somewhat apprehensive time. Incorporation can be a far more sensible, durable and long-term plan to reduce tax than risky ventures such as ‘tax-schemes’, which can prove to be disastrous for many dentists.  Understanding all of your options, receiving trustworthy advice and working with a tailor made plan that suits your needs is crucial.

Lansdell & Rose can help you with the complexities of Incorporation and offer you a personal, bespoke service that suits you and your practice.

A Limited Company can hold many benefits including:

  • Limited Liability – shareholders are limited to the capital they introduce
  • Enhanced commercial and patient credibility – Often seen as more credible than sole traders
  • Taxation benefits –Taxation can often be reduced by up to 50%, depending on personal and business circumstances!

All benefits and implications of Incorporation and your unique circumstances will be thoroughly discussed to enable Lansdell & Rose to devise a personalised blueprint to ensure a successful transition.

By offering you expert advice at every step and providing you with a bespoke, reliable service, you can be assured that the team at Lansdell & Rose is delivering correct, suitable advice that will help you and the future of your business

For more information about Incorporation and the services available from Lansdell & Rose please call on 020 7376 9333