Deadly Mouth Cancer Spotted During Dental Check Up

August 28, 2017 News, General Dentistry, News

A man claims to owe his life to his dentist after he diagnosed what was thought to be a mouth infection to be a potentially deadly outbreak of mouth cancer.

David Mist of Hull claimed he would have “been dead within three months” were it not for a routine check-up at the dentist.

David had suffered from severe pain in his mouth and swelling, something that when visiting other doctors was diagnosed as mouth thrush, a fungal infection and was provided two antibiotics courses in order to treat it. After suffering weight loss, doctors continued to believe it was an infection of the thyroid gland that was causing it until an appointment with the dentist exposed something more sinister.

Within two weeks David was taken to Hull Royal Hospital for a biopsy, and has only recently completed a six week course of radiotherapy, as well as a fourteen hour operation to create a skin graft in his mouth using his thigh. Currently he is still being fed via tubing.

Mr Mist is incredibly grateful for his dentist to have spotted the issues, and urges people who have concerns about oral conditions to see their dentist for a second opinion, as they have particular skills with oral care that may not be spotted by GPs.