Rotary Endodontic Procedures – Embrace Endodontic Success

Mrs ProTaper Universal lies at the centre of most successful Endodontic procedures in the UK*.  Due to her unique shape, she cuts quickly ensuring efficiency, whilst maintaining flexibility, whether you are heading straight or into a curve. She doesn’t mind…

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Uninsured dentists risk leaving patients up the creek without a paddle

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) today warned that the outdated system of dental insurance could mean patients harmed by negligent dentists would have no recourse to compensation.    The current system does not require dentists or doctors to have insurance….

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Annual IADR awards announced

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) has announced the recipients of its annual awards, which will be presented at its 87th General Session & Exhibition in Miami, Florida on 1 April, 2009.   The IADR also announced the three…

Read More announces its Top 50 most influential people in the dental profession

Returning for its fourth year, the online poll about the most influential people in dentistry results are in.  Leading the pack was Eddie Crouch, last year’s number 2. Eddie co-founded the pressure group ChallengeDoH in 2006 after the new…

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Fish Teeth Findings Hold The Key To Genetic Discovery

This week sees the publication in the “PLoS Biology journal” of research highlighting a breakthrough discovery in the field of genetics. The paper, produced by Dr Gareth Fraser and his research team from the Georgia Tech School of Biology has…

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Women take oral hygiene more seriously than men

Women are better at looking after their teeth and gums than men, according to a survey carried out in the United States. The national survey, by the American Dental Association (ADA), Crest and Oral B, found that on average men…

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